How can I get more views on my YouTube videos?

While I have been on YouTube since 2015, I have recently started uploading more videos and am playing around with a few basic strategies.

At first this is going to be slow, just like getting started at most things but my past experience tells me that if I continue to follow this strategy, I should eventually get more views and subscribers.7 Easy Ways to Get More Views on YouTube for Free - youtube, vid

Content is King or Queen – I am attempting to upload at least one video per day to my channel. I believe this is important because the more videos you have, the better the chance people will have to find you in the YouTube Search or related or suggested video sections.

Quality Videos – Creating videos is no easy task and I have a lot of respect for the seasoned YouTubers who have made a career out of YouTube. I do mostly screencast videos in the How To Category and I typically aim for around 5 to 10 minutes per video. I spend time editing the video to fine tune it and try to clean it up to make it more appealing.

Keyword Research – It’s important to know what keywords you will want to target for your videos. You can use Google Keyword Planner or you can simply start typing in the YouTube Search bar and see what comes up for your idea. You can try How To, as the start of your query.

Titles – This is extremely important since most people will first come across your video and see a title and thumbnail image. So make sure to use your keywords in the title of your video.

Thumbnails – You will want to make sure you use good quality thumbnails. I like using the website Free stock photos · Pexels to get free stock images that I can then download in the 1280 by 720 image size which is what’s recommended for YouTube Thumbnails. I then edit the image either in Photoshop or in GIMP which is a free alternative to Photoshop. I have a video on my channel on creating thumbnails with Pexels and Gimp.

Description – You will want to make sure that you are adding in proper descriptions and taking advantage of the 5,000 character limit which means you can create a mini blog post in your description area. This will help YouTube better determine the content of your video. Make sure to use your keywords in the description area.

Tags – While tags aren’t considered as important, I still recommend making proper use of tags with your target keywords in them. You are allowed up to 500 total characters in this area so choose your tags wisely.

Your Website – You should also feature your videos on your website. This will give your current website visitors a chance to discover your video content.

Playlists – You should make sure that you organize your videos into playlists. This can potentially increase the amount of time a person spends watching your videos and keep them coming back for more.

Trailer – You will want to create a 1 minute trailer for your YouTube Page where new visitors can get a better idea of what your channel is about.

Social Media – You should already be active on Social Media and you should be developing connections with others. This will help you get more organic reach if people interact with your content/videos that you upload.

Pay to Play – You might want to consider investing a few dollars promoting your videos with Paid Ads or buy views on the main social media sites and even Google and YouTube. This will help you to generate early traffic to your channel. Just make sure to have sufficient content to share.

Email List – It is also helpful to build up your email list and send out weekly or monthly emails with your videos. This will help to ensure your videos get watched even if people miss them in Social Media.

Collaborate – I haven’t tried this one out yet but others mention that this is a useful way to build up your views and subscribers. It makes sense. Collaborate with others who are in similar fields and you can both benefit.

These are just a few ways to generate views, traffic and gain subscribers. It will be slow in the beginning but in the long run, consistency will pay off.


Top 7 Tips for Being a SEO Expert

As an SEO expert, you MUST have knowledge about a lot of things regarding general and advanced SEO and encounters of your own. You can just do become a freelancer with Back-linking nonetheless it will by no means become likely to make you a SEO Professional perhaps Specialist.

Top 7 Tips for Being a SEO Expert

If you want to become a successful Search Engine Optimizer, you have to be concerned about a complete lot of things. Only Off-page Optimization isn’t plenty of to end up being an SEO-Guru; you need to accomplish knowledge on On-page, Off- page, Key-Word Research, Content material and various other related matters. This post is definitely intended for the types who also believe themselves because an SEO professional with their little knowledge. Here, I’ll likewise discuss everything you want to do to be a great SEO expert and how will you get yourself a high-level job because of this. So shall we begin?

  • First, you have to know properly about The Web
  • Second, have better knowledge of HTML
  • Third, it is a must to know Keyword Research
  • Fourth, you Have to gain expertise in Content Writing
  • Fifth, you Must Know How to do proper On-Page optimization
  • Sixth, you have to be an expert in Off-Page Optimization as well
  • Seventh, expertise on Analysis, Tracking and Budget Planning is also necessary

If you would like to develop your career in SEO, adhere to my instructions and advice then. What ever you do, perform this correctly. Claiming your self as an expert found in SEO with smaller understanding is like a being a failing in the troop. It really is hard to be an SEO professional in a brief period but in the event that you stick to my above conversations and are I’ve said then there may be a chance that you should turn into a specialist in couple of months and build up your job along the way.

There is a large demand for SEO professionals in he entire world. In Bangladesh Latterly, the demand of SEO experts is touching the heights of the sky gradually. A complete large amount of organizations are requesting Search Engine Optimizers. But the sad fact is the demanders are not expert in SEO and thus even, a large number of individuals are losing function. That is not only just happening in regional works but is going on in freelancing as well. People are losing functions in Marketplaces because they’re failing woefully to match the requirements of the purchasers. Yet how very long you can endure such as this? Just a little effort can make you an effective internet Search Engine Optimizer. Quit losing your valuable amount of time in bidding and other useless products and begin learning. The accurate understanding on SEO might help you to produce a bright profession as this sector can be arriving at every guests concern lately. Quickly it’ll be huge and you will see a complete lot of SEO experts. Therefore, are you planning you to ultimately make space inside the Sea of SEO experts?

How to automatically post to multiple Facebook groups with one click?

In Facebook marketing, we may need to post to our groups everyday, we need to publish the latest news to everyone in these groups. If you have hundreds of groups, and you need to post everyday, is that annoying? At this time, if there appears an automation tool to do these work based on your schedule, which will be a great thing for your business man. This bot software will run as you schedule, and you could do anything else or just get some rest, which saves a lot of time and energy. Is that good? You know that.

FollowingLike is that kind of bot, which can automate Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google plus, LinkedIn, run thousands of these social accounts at the same time to auto follow, unfollow, follow back, like, unlike, post, pin, comment, share, add friends and send messages etc. Here i will mainly introduce the Facebook version and how to auto post to multiple Facebook groups.

Let me tell you how to set the task “Auto post to multiple Facebook groups“:

  1. Choose the “Account” module. Choose your Facebook account.
  2. Choose the “Text” module. Write the content you want to post on groups.
  3. Choose the “Search Groups” module. Search the groups you have or joined.
  4. Choose the “Post on Groups” module. Post the content to the groups you searched.

This is the setting photo:Facebook Post on Groups
This is the running status:Facebook Group Autoposter

FollowingLike‘s operation is to simulate human operation, this will avoid your accounts got suspended. All the features have been designed and divided into basic module, you can combine, mix and sort these modules to generate any task you want.

Learn more features on FollowingLike here:

Website SEO Analysis – Site Positioning Data Analysis

What Is Website SEO Analysis?

Website structure is divided into physical structure and logical structure, but the most important that impact on the site ranking is the logical structure formed by links.

Site Targeting. It may be contrary to your expectations, SEO technology is not the primary factor that affect the site ranking, but site targeting. The so-called targeting, is to establish the unique different advantages of your site, rather than follow suit. In other words, it is to let users be on the site rather than competitive reasons for the site.

Keyword Location. In particular, the title and tag should include keywords, each page should have separate title and tag, avoid using the title and tag to stack keywords.

Website Content Quality. It includes two aspects, the originality and relevance of the content.

Internal Links. The factors that affect site ranking, if the external link is critical, then the internal link is fundamental.

Website Structure. The good physical structure of the site are flat and tree structure, which can form a logical tree structure by links, logical tree structure is what the search engine like.


How to Analyze a Website?

First, check the domain name information.

Check through tools. Check the domain name information, including whois information, pr, alexa ranking and so on. Whether URL is reasonable or not and so on.

Second, check the site structure framework, style sheets, JS use and so on.

This is to check how the site code optimization, the use of div + CSS. Analyzing the webpage structure framework, check website layout, with or without framework. What form the style sheet used, the external style or internal style? The use of webpage JS, the rational use of JS can reduce the source page, but should be reasonable, a large number of use will affect the crawl of the website.

Third, check the site inclusions, external links and cache.

The amount of content inclusions can reflect whether the site is welcomed by search engines, and can also determine the originality of the site content. Check out external links can reflect the evaluation of other sites on the site, it is also very important to check the source of links, because different sources have different affect to the domain authority of the site. Therefore, when building links, we need not only quantity but also quality. The website cache can reflect the site updates. The website which often update the content, have the original content, be search engine friendly will attract search engine spiders to crawl.

Fourth, check the keyword ranking.

Keywords ranking, mainly focus on the main keywords and long tail keywords. People who have done SEO know that sometimes the keywords they optimize didn’t have good rankings, but some keywords we didn’t optimize have good rankings. Therefore, we should consider this synthetically. The more front the main keyword rank, the better SEO we do, which means we have selected a reasonable keyword, also reflect the execution.

Fifth, the site directory and the internal link construction.

Website directory use how many levels, and how to write the file name. Try not to let users to spend a lot of effort and click a lot of times to find what they want, it would better not to exceed 4 levels. In addition, the internal link construction of the site is also very important, internal link construction can be carried out by keywords. The relevance of the home page to other pages, and the relevance of catalog pages and other pages. To achieve the internal page link to be close, loop.

Sixth, check the layout of keywords and head tag.

When choosing keywords, people will select the main keywords and long tail keywords. So considering the distribution of keywords can reflect how is the SEO of website. Keywords location, frequency, labeling, etc., for example, whether keywords are bold or not, there is underline or not. Otherwise we should consider how to set the head tag, the title, keyword, description, and links situation, how to set the image alt and so on.

10 SEO Tricks to Get Website Better Ranking

SEO is never a quick or a one step process. It has to be planned, implemented and analysed on a regular basis. Here’s the shortest and best answer you’ll ever get in a list of 10 things to do:


  1. Make sure your pages load quickly.
  2. Make sure your web page loads cleanly and fast on mobile devices…smartphones only for now, but Google will likely rate tablet loads at some point.
  3. Spell everything correctly. Write well and clearly. Avoid the passive voice.
  4. Use SSL it gives you an SEO boost. That means the site should use https:// not http:// in its address. (Your webmaster can help implement this.)
  5. Make the site useful to people.
  6. Learn on-page SEO tactics. That means optimize each page for one or two keyword phrases in the actual page HTML.
  7. Produce great content on the site regularly. Blog 2 to 4 times per month on useful topics related to the site’s topic. Ensure each post runs more than 750 words. But don’t just publish junk content for the sake of it. Make it useful and meaningful.
  8. Encourage linking from other sites. Good content will get linked over time by other sites naturally. This is critical. Each link is a vote of confidence then Google’s algorithm(s) will notice and rank your site. If the sites that link are highly ranked by Google and cover a related topic then this will count even more.
  9. Share your greatest content via social media often…Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Share good content on Google+. This will get your on the front page of Google for related terms more often than not.


Why almost forgotten SEO work has so high salary?

The Internet industry is a high-tech industry, has few related scientific and technological talent, and Internet industry is a hot industry, the state vigorously promote the Internet +, the Internet industry is a hi-tech industry as a whole. Because too many people do not know about this industry, so these talents are paied relatively high salary. (In fact, many low-paying, such as the common editor, SEO staff, promotion staff)

Each enterprise is the ultimate combination of online and offline, the enterprise online are relatively stable, which would like to line up will give a high budget. Most people think that Internet is developed by money, of course, i do not deny that some money smashing out the results.

Why the Internet industry wages is generally relatively high, i believe that many people can say a lot, seobot will not listed one by one. Let’s look at the most primitive question: Why is almost forgotten SEO wages so high?


First, the advantages of SEO is relatively obvious.

SEO is the basis of network marketing, search quality is relatively high. Other ways to promote is push, SEO is to persuade themselves. And SEO long-term effective, other online advertising, once stop invest money, the traffic immediately disappear. And SEO is relatively low cost, cost-effective. Of course, a good SEO can improve the user experience.

Second, small and medium enterprises do not have much budget.

Most small and medium enterprises are new to the Internet industry, they have not much of a budget, so most of them are willing to choose SEO this seemingly free (requires a lot of time) way. At this point, i would like to remind the recruitment of SEO staff and give more attention, it is best to recruit experienced practitioners. It is precisely because we want practitioners who has enrich the experience, so they are willing to pay high salary.

Third, the SEO workers who insist on this industry are less and less.

Webmaster era is basically the past, and SEO is rising at that time, more people tend to operate, electricity providers and other fields, taking SEO as a basic skill. There are so many new entrants, basically taking SEO as tasteless, and even do not know what is SEO. Then these SEOer stick to the last worth much.

Fourth, SEO is the fastest way to enter the Internet.

If there are people, then have a search, if there are search, then SEO. Relatively SEO is the fastest way to enter the Internet, for most companies have no network brand, in addition to the daily promotion, still hope that users can search them. Enterprises have a strong demand on SEO, and SEO talents are less and less, has become a rush situation.

Relatively speaking, the Internet industry wages are generally high, and based SEO practitioners of network marketing are the same. Of course, i mean these practitioners who have their own unique advantages, after all, most are ordinary people. In fact, high-paying talent are skilled man in this industry through years of honing, at least these people have their own thinking skills and practical experience, have their own powerful Internet resources, this is the advantage.

Which is the most useful article spinner?

Article spinner is very useful for creating SEO content, which can make SEO work more efficiently and save a lot of time. Many people use article spinner, because it can create unique content and pass plagiarism checker easily.

If you want to use the web version of SpinnerChief or if you are Mac user, please go to and register a free account there, then you can login the account on that site to use the web version. You can also use the SpinnerChief API with the web account on third-party software.


If you want to use the windows desktop version of SpinnerChief, please check following steps:

  1. Please download WhiteHatBox App software at
  2. After download the software, please install and run whitehatbox app.
  3. Click “Content Softwares” category in whitehatbox app, and download SpinnerChief 4 software there.
  4. After download, SpinnerChief 4 will install automatically. Then you can run SpinnerChief 4 there directly.
  5. After run SpinnerChief 4, select “Start Free Version”, then use your name and email to register and login.

Why do we let you run SpinnerChief 4 in whitehatbox app ?
This is an often asked question, the answer is that because whitehatbox app provides some good functions for you, like auto-update, recover to last version and auto-resume from crash etc. So now we put all of our softwares in the whitehatbox app, you can run/update/manage all softwares in one place.

The Importance of Website Internal Link

As the saying goes:. “Content is King, external link is Emperor.” It seems that there is nothing to internal link. So many novice owners agree that the site optimization is to continue to increase external Links, continue to increase the content of the site. However, if over-optimization, these sites will not get the page strength and keyword rankings. In fact, if there is not a good building of internal link and a good base camp site, no amount of network marketing and are released external Links of unsustainable development.

Image result for internal link

Website internal link is very important:

First, internal link can be directly deployed on the corporate website, higher than external Links of control. And good internal links help to transfer and distribution of PR, and the degree of authority within the average station pages, help to optimize site structure and positioning in favor of highlighting the site’s core strengths and a clear theme of the site, but also conducive for businesses to control costs, etc. .

Secondly, the fragmentation times, the explosion of information everywhere, people search for information, and greatly reduced costs, choice richer. If your site is done internal link imperfect, then the user will be in the state of information silos, this will also affect the user experience fundamentally. Reasonable internal link is an integral part of the site navigation can help visitors more easily find and refer to the relevant information and avoid the dead end users to browse, meet customer needs, improve the user experience the site, thereby reducing the visitor bounce rate. Especially in the case of long length of the article, internal link set more necessary.

Moreover, the search engine spiders crawl the site by internal link, a reasonable construction of the site internal link helps to improve the site pages indexed rate and the target keyword ranking, this is very obvious. Do a good job internal link, will help improve the effectiveness and website promotion website traffic, but also can increase the weight and so on, but this is an important method of web content related to the degree of increase.

Image result for internal link

In addition, there are reasonable internal link of articles generally recognized by search engines as a high-quality content, so the image of the site can be improved.

Website internal link is so important, we must pay attention to. This requires following a few internal link construction details by seobotsite:

1, website LOGO, images, navigation, important articles, FAQ, etc. can be added as needed internal link, increase website correlation point, easy for users to return to the relevant page.
2, according to the article page image internal link need to increase the alt text tags, keywords should also be noted in the chain can not it, once an article, users can easily browse to.
3, the article can be set 1-3 static TAG or popular keywords, using TAG to increase internal link and improve the user experience.
4, the site internal link set remember no flooding, excessive levels too deep and applications, such as a text keywords there can be one to three links, a page internal link should be limited to a certain number, and so on.
5, prevent dead links and internal link scission and to ensure that internal link speed and normal access is very important.
6, internal link but also to ensure the uniqueness of ORL, to facilitate the search engine recognition and judgment.

For SEOer, the site is not internal link like tasteless optional presence, it needs to cooperate with other website SEO, but also we need to persevere construction. Only do website optimization internal link, to ensure a good base camp sites outstanding in order to allow more network-related promotion and really play a role external links of its application, can really provide more practical value for site users, in order to truly improve the site inclusion and ranking, website marketing can really reach a revenue-generating business goals.