How to automatically post to multiple Facebook groups with one click?

In Facebook marketing, we may need to post to our groups everyday, we need to publish the latest news to everyone in these groups. If you have hundreds of groups, and you need to post everyday, is that annoying? At this time, if there appears an automation tool to do these work based on your schedule, which will be a great thing for your business man. This bot software will run as you schedule, and you could do anything else or just get some rest, which saves a lot of time and energy. Is that good? You know that.

FollowingLike is that kind of bot, which can automate Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google plus, LinkedIn, run thousands of these social accounts at the same time to auto follow, unfollow, follow back, like, unlike, post, pin, comment, share, add friends and send messages etc. Here i will mainly introduce the Facebook version and how to auto post to multiple Facebook groups.

Let me tell you how to set the task “Auto post to multiple Facebook groups“:

  1. Choose the “Account” module. Choose your Facebook account.
  2. Choose the “Text” module. Write the content you want to post on groups.
  3. Choose the “Search Groups” module. Search the groups you have or joined.
  4. Choose the “Post on Groups” module. Post the content to the groups you searched.

This is the setting photo:Facebook Post on Groups
This is the running status:Facebook Group Autoposter

FollowingLike‘s operation is to simulate human operation, this will avoid your accounts got suspended. All the features have been designed and divided into basic module, you can combine, mix and sort these modules to generate any task you want.

Learn more features on FollowingLike here:


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