Website SEO Analysis – Site Positioning Data Analysis

What Is Website SEO Analysis?

Website structure is divided into physical structure and logical structure, but the most important that impact on the site ranking is the logical structure formed by links.

Site Targeting. It may be contrary to your expectations, SEO technology is not the primary factor that affect the site ranking, but site targeting. The so-called targeting, is to establish the unique different advantages of your site, rather than follow suit. In other words, it is to let users be on the site rather than competitive reasons for the site.

Keyword Location. In particular, the title and tag should include keywords, each page should have separate title and tag, avoid using the title and tag to stack keywords.

Website Content Quality. It includes two aspects, the originality and relevance of the content.

Internal Links. The factors that affect site ranking, if the external link is critical, then the internal link is fundamental.

Website Structure. The good physical structure of the site are flat and tree structure, which can form a logical tree structure by links, logical tree structure is what the search engine like.


How to Analyze a Website?

First, check the domain name information.

Check through tools. Check the domain name information, including whois information, pr, alexa ranking and so on. Whether URL is reasonable or not and so on.

Second, check the site structure framework, style sheets, JS use and so on.

This is to check how the site code optimization, the use of div + CSS. Analyzing the webpage structure framework, check website layout, with or without framework. What form the style sheet used, the external style or internal style? The use of webpage JS, the rational use of JS can reduce the source page, but should be reasonable, a large number of use will affect the crawl of the website.

Third, check the site inclusions, external links and cache.

The amount of content inclusions can reflect whether the site is welcomed by search engines, and can also determine the originality of the site content. Check out external links can reflect the evaluation of other sites on the site, it is also very important to check the source of links, because different sources have different affect to the domain authority of the site. Therefore, when building links, we need not only quantity but also quality. The website cache can reflect the site updates. The website which often update the content, have the original content, be search engine friendly will attract search engine spiders to crawl.

Fourth, check the keyword ranking.

Keywords ranking, mainly focus on the main keywords and long tail keywords. People who have done SEO know that sometimes the keywords they optimize didn’t have good rankings, but some keywords we didn’t optimize have good rankings. Therefore, we should consider this synthetically. The more front the main keyword rank, the better SEO we do, which means we have selected a reasonable keyword, also reflect the execution.

Fifth, the site directory and the internal link construction.

Website directory use how many levels, and how to write the file name. Try not to let users to spend a lot of effort and click a lot of times to find what they want, it would better not to exceed 4 levels. In addition, the internal link construction of the site is also very important, internal link construction can be carried out by keywords. The relevance of the home page to other pages, and the relevance of catalog pages and other pages. To achieve the internal page link to be close, loop.

Sixth, check the layout of keywords and head tag.

When choosing keywords, people will select the main keywords and long tail keywords. So considering the distribution of keywords can reflect how is the SEO of website. Keywords location, frequency, labeling, etc., for example, whether keywords are bold or not, there is underline or not. Otherwise we should consider how to set the head tag, the title, keyword, description, and links situation, how to set the image alt and so on.


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