10 SEO Tricks to Get Website Better Ranking

SEO is never a quick or a one step process. It has to be planned, implemented and analysed on a regular basis. Here’s the shortest and best answer you’ll ever get in a list of 10 things to do:


  1. Make sure your pages load quickly.
  2. Make sure your web page loads cleanly and fast on mobile devices…smartphones only for now, but Google will likely rate tablet loads at some point.
  3. Spell everything correctly. Write well and clearly. Avoid the passive voice.
  4. Use SSL it gives you an SEO boost. That means the site should use https:// not http:// in its address. (Your webmaster can help implement this.)
  5. Make the site useful to people.
  6. Learn on-page SEO tactics. That means optimize each page for one or two keyword phrases in the actual page HTML.
  7. Produce great content on the site regularly. Blog 2 to 4 times per month on useful topics related to the site’s topic. Ensure each post runs more than 750 words. But don’t just publish junk content for the sake of it. Make it useful and meaningful.
  8. Encourage linking from other sites. Good content will get linked over time by other sites naturally. This is critical. Each link is a vote of confidence then Google’s algorithm(s) will notice and rank your site. If the sites that link are highly ranked by Google and cover a related topic then this will count even more.
  9. Share your greatest content via social media often…Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Share good content on Google+. This will get your on the front page of Google for related terms more often than not.



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