Why almost forgotten SEO work has so high salary?

The Internet industry is a high-tech industry, has few related scientific and technological talent, and Internet industry is a hot industry, the state vigorously promote the Internet +, the Internet industry is a hi-tech industry as a whole. Because too many people do not know about this industry, so these talents are paied relatively high salary. (In fact, many low-paying, such as the common editor, SEO staff, promotion staff)

Each enterprise is the ultimate combination of online and offline, the enterprise online are relatively stable, which would like to line up will give a high budget. Most people think that Internet is developed by money, of course, i do not deny that some money smashing out the results.

Why the Internet industry wages is generally relatively high, i believe that many people can say a lot, seobot¬†will not listed one by one. Let’s look at the most primitive question: Why is almost forgotten SEO wages so high?


First, the advantages of SEO is relatively obvious.

SEO is the basis of network marketing, search quality is relatively high. Other ways to promote is push, SEO is to persuade themselves. And SEO long-term effective, other online advertising, once stop invest money, the traffic immediately disappear. And SEO is relatively low cost, cost-effective. Of course, a good SEO can improve the user experience.

Second, small and medium enterprises do not have much budget.

Most small and medium enterprises are new to the Internet industry, they have not much of a budget, so most of them are willing to choose SEO this seemingly free (requires a lot of time) way. At this point, i would like to remind the recruitment of SEO staff and give more attention, it is best to recruit experienced practitioners. It is precisely because we want practitioners who has enrich the experience, so they are willing to pay high salary.

Third, the SEO workers who insist on this industry are less and less.

Webmaster era is basically the past, and SEO is rising at that time, more people tend to operate, electricity providers and other fields, taking SEO as a basic skill. There are so many new entrants, basically taking SEO as tasteless, and even do not know what is SEO. Then these SEOer stick to the last worth much.

Fourth, SEO is the fastest way to enter the Internet.

If there are people, then have a search, if there are search, then SEO. Relatively SEO is the fastest way to enter the Internet, for most companies have no network brand, in addition to the daily promotion, still hope that users can search them. Enterprises have a strong demand on SEO, and SEO talents are less and less, has become a rush situation.

Relatively speaking, the Internet industry wages are generally high, and based SEO practitioners of network marketing are the same. Of course, i mean these practitioners who have their own unique advantages, after all, most are ordinary people. In fact, high-paying talent are skilled man in this industry through years of honing, at least these people have their own thinking skills and practical experience, have their own powerful Internet resources, this is the advantage.


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