The Importance of Website Internal Link

As the saying goes:. “Content is King, external link is Emperor.” It seems that there is nothing to internal link. So many novice owners agree that the site optimization is to continue to increase external Links, continue to increase the content of the site. However, if over-optimization, these sites will not get the page strength and keyword rankings. In fact, if there is not a good building of internal link and a good base camp site, no amount of network marketing and are released external Links of unsustainable development.

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Website internal link is very important:

First, internal link can be directly deployed on the corporate website, higher than external Links of control. And good internal links help to transfer and distribution of PR, and the degree of authority within the average station pages, help to optimize site structure and positioning in favor of highlighting the site’s core strengths and a clear theme of the site, but also conducive for businesses to control costs, etc. .

Secondly, the fragmentation times, the explosion of information everywhere, people search for information, and greatly reduced costs, choice richer. If your site is done internal link imperfect, then the user will be in the state of information silos, this will also affect the user experience fundamentally. Reasonable internal link is an integral part of the site navigation can help visitors more easily find and refer to the relevant information and avoid the dead end users to browse, meet customer needs, improve the user experience the site, thereby reducing the visitor bounce rate. Especially in the case of long length of the article, internal link set more necessary.

Moreover, the search engine spiders crawl the site by internal link, a reasonable construction of the site internal link helps to improve the site pages indexed rate and the target keyword ranking, this is very obvious. Do a good job internal link, will help improve the effectiveness and website promotion website traffic, but also can increase the weight and so on, but this is an important method of web content related to the degree of increase.

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In addition, there are reasonable internal link of articles generally recognized by search engines as a high-quality content, so the image of the site can be improved.

Website internal link is so important, we must pay attention to. This requires following a few internal link construction details by seobotsite:

1, website LOGO, images, navigation, important articles, FAQ, etc. can be added as needed internal link, increase website correlation point, easy for users to return to the relevant page.
2, according to the article page image internal link need to increase the alt text tags, keywords should also be noted in the chain can not it, once an article, users can easily browse to.
3, the article can be set 1-3 static TAG or popular keywords, using TAG to increase internal link and improve the user experience.
4, the site internal link set remember no flooding, excessive levels too deep and applications, such as a text keywords there can be one to three links, a page internal link should be limited to a certain number, and so on.
5, prevent dead links and internal link scission and to ensure that internal link speed and normal access is very important.
6, internal link but also to ensure the uniqueness of ORL, to facilitate the search engine recognition and judgment.

For SEOer, the site is not internal link like tasteless optional presence, it needs to cooperate with other website SEO, but also we need to persevere construction. Only do website optimization internal link, to ensure a good base camp sites outstanding in order to allow more network-related promotion and really play a role external links of its application, can really provide more practical value for site users, in order to truly improve the site inclusion and ranking, website marketing can really reach a revenue-generating business goals.


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