Core Ideology of SEO Work — User Experience

What is the core idea of seo work? User experience! Many webmasters and seo workers did not obey this core ideas to work when doing seo work. But they choose some ways and pursuit that deviate from the core idea. I mentioned very early, do not to seo for seo. The real purpose of seo is to let users to browse your website, and obtain information. In order to achieve the rank, some seo works use unscrupulous methods. Do you think that successful? No, you should correct this single line of thinking.

User Experience

user experience

First, What Is SEO User Experience?

The seo user experience, simply speaking, which is the information users want, the product they want to know, the knowledge they want to get, the content they want to consult. We do these things that users want is to respect the user experience! It has a certain degree of user experience.

However, every webmasters and seo workers should note that sometimes our project (site) is not suitable for seeing from the user’s perspective at the beginning, but rather should see the issue from search engine perspective. Speaking user experience, it’s better for you to think of search engine experience, doing the most simple, effective and direct work.

Second, What Is the Most Simple, Effective and Direct SEO Work?

All blogs promotion we have must set well? Check out our seo keywords belong to what industry, how many users can access to our blog site? Through the blog to dial the customer’s phone? Seldom. Check out our blogs and posts that traffic is substantial 0, then check our keywords we optimized, is it necessary to do it so complicated?

Then checking out cleaning, air conditioning, water heaters blog, how many blogs is very sophisticated, high traffic, like doing service, selling products?

For straightforward seo work, the primary goal is to increase the site’s visibility in search engines, the most common way is the keyword ranking. Therefore, we don’t have to promote high quality external link to increase your site’s visibility. First, doing keyword ranking well is the most direct way. But the premise of this approach is that the site itself should respect the user experience, the site has a certain quality of content and logical structure.

So, every webmasters and seo workers should think about these issues. Changing your seo ideas and strive to get the most benefit with the least cost. This article is mainly about changing some ideas in the need of controlling costs, with the most simple and direct way to get the most effective results. If you do not consider the cost, have a lot of energy and time, then go to carve carefully, doing SEO well with the core idea of user experience!


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