Why do webmaster need to increase the quality of the site content?

Website content optimization is the basis of the website existence and development, content is one of the most important details of the user trusts the site. What details should be taken into account in the update process? Following i will talk about the value and significance of original content.

website wireframe

First, optimization service for the search engine

In fact, it can be said to put the cart before the horse, user is the base to generate site auction, which is to consider for user and not for search engine. Many people misunderstand optimization in content optimization process. Our content must service for customers, help users solve the problems in their mind, guide the users to trust our companies and products step by step, eventually converted into business orders.

Second, the original article is the most manifestation of the site value

We know that there are a lot of similar products on Amazon, one item with only one factory, but the sellers are countless. Why some sellers have more sales, some have less sales, mainly because of the optimization of the product details page, which is the product copywriting issue. Analogy to the website content, whether we can make a clear description about our product outstanding features. Through our own professional introduction, letting users to identify with the product, the process is actually the process of reflecting enterprise professionalism, so the high quality of the original content must be the most straightforward expression between different level companies.

Third, the high quality of the original content can increase the frequency of the search engines crawl

Search engine spiders has its own particular habits, which is more frequent to crawl and fast to include site with premium content. Because we have developed a habit of daily updates, it is to culture the timing of the spider crawling. We make our efforts will increase the spiders crawl and frequency of visits to our website.

Fourth, low-quality articles will make search engines and users drift away from us

There are a lot of internet information, but some owners still for the sake of comfort, continues to manufacture some low quality site content, one or two low-quality content may have no difference. It just like a person has obesity, every day eat a little more, but in a long term then the body will be fat. Website content must be based on the original content, opportunistic methods can only leave our site be far and far away from search engines, until be abandoned by the search engines.

Finally, i summarized the site optimization process, the quality of content has been a matter of widespread concern in everyone, but when open some corporate sites, always find some opportunistic website content.


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