20 Tips for Blog SEO

SEO blog

SEO means search engine optimization, blog content is indexed by search engines and prioritization, in order to increase CTR and exposure of blog, and ultimately enhance the overall capacity of the blog. People who write blog, the content must not only be user-friendly, letting most people understand, but also be search engine-friendly. Here i want to introduce some common blog optimization techniques.

  1. The blog need to update regularly, the text should be always around the keyword, around the theme of the site.
  2. SEO focus on optimizing article content page.
  3. Appropriately add keyword for each page, and description, robots, and other labels.
  4. Add links of some old articles in the new articles appropriately, the internal links of the article must be natural.
  5. The new blog can establish a single keyword strategy to enhance the site authority in search engine. Like seobotsite only has one keyword “seo bot” in the beginning of the establishment.
  6. Try to use classified directory form.
  7. You can add the site map at the bottom of the page, HTML format for users, XML format for search engine.
  8. Important article URLs can use English and dividing lines as the URL structure.
  9. External link building is very important, recommend some seo tools for new blog.
  10. Be sure to delete spam, extremely affect the ranking.
  11. Remember to add alt information to each blog pictures which is related to the article content and add related information around the images.
  12. The same keyword in the article should not be too many, if you have to pile keywords, long tail keywords may be appropriate.
  13. At the end of each articles can add “Original article if reprinted, please indicate the source” “This article first appeared in the XXX site” and other information, which is helpful for SEO.
  14. Adding TAG tag enhanced the theme relevance and the rate to be searched.
  15. You’d better create the article title with “article title – blog name” form.
  16. Appear keyword once should be better.
  17. The keyword appear in the first paragraph or the last paragraph.
  18. Do not choose very popular keywords.
  19. Do not increase large number of links in one time, don’t delete a large number of links, either.
  20. Hold on!

SEO by far, the most authoritative definition is:

SEO (search engine optimization, referred seo): refers to follow search rules of search engine, layout site structure, webpage language and the interactive diplomatic strategy between sites reasonably, improving search performance of your site in search engine. It is a process which to increase possibility of customer discover and visit your website. Search engine optimization is a scientific development concept and methodology, which is developing with the development of search engine, promoting the development of search engine at the same.


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