What Is the Most Important Part in Website SEO

Website content is an important optimization point in SEO, even if not for search engine optimization, content is also the core of the site. Domestic SEO industry through years of development, has been gradually mature. Most owners are beginning to realize the importance of site content. Google also prefer unique and original content, if your site’s content is collected or copied from other places, it may not be indexed by Google. Google Ranking recommend “Do not create multiple pages with substantially duplicate content.”

Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos

Specifically, the role of the content in search engines reflected in two points.

(1) The richer site content is, the better for SEO.

All search engine algorithms are trying to imitate the human thinking way: If more content a site has, then higher its value.

If one site has rich content, search engines will think the site is more professional in this area. If for the same content, site A contains one page, site B contains thousands of pages, the search engines would certainly think that site B is more professional, more valuable.

In addition, if more content the site has, then more extensive the keywords will cover, and resulting higher flow rate.

(2) The richer original content the site has, the better for SEO.

Search engines do not like duplicate content and plagiarism, prefer original content. The original content interpretation includes the time pages indexed and links the article contains. Although the judgment of search engine for the original content is not perfect, but as webmasters, it is very useful to provide original content in improving the ranking and inclusion.

Of course, the rich content is easier said than done, for some non-information websites is especially difficult. In this case, it is recommended to combine query mode, generating a large number of query results pages.

Alternatively, you can also build a community in the site, or host theme writing activities regularly, mobilize the masses of users to provide rich original content for the site.

Of course, different types of sites should take different methods, not just use SEO techniques, but combine SEO, users and originality together, so as to produce content which is very rich, very humane, good SEO effect at the same time.


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