The Problems And Solutions Encountered When Create Original Articles

original article

Article takes a very important position in network promotion, which is one of the important skills to write original articles for webmasters, but how to write original articles?

Many owners in writing the original article will encounter some problems which plague not only the novice webmaster, but many veterans. Today i will summarize for everyone.

1. What kind of original articles is good?
Customer is God, which is very suitable for website promotion optimization. A good original article should be useful to the user, what kind of articles is useful to users? We can use the search engine to find the client’s needs, and then write articles according to these demand. Here we suggest that you to learn something about website industry, then to write, or even the best writing is a waste.

2. What if there is no topic?
Original article easy access bottleneck, which is the topic of exhaustion, which often appears in small business. In these cases we need to broaden the thinking, such as seobotsite optimization often use news, hot spots and other information which is related to website, not only can find topic, but also raise awareness of the article to certain extent.

3. Can original article be pieced together?
In fact, the article piece together can not the original article, but as long as valuable, we are not opposed to piece together. Something on the network is not comprehensive, we can put information related together to the integration, more useful for the user, so the more popular articles.

4. Is the longer article better?
In terms of the length of the article, there is no a definite value, usually in the SEO industry, said article length is best controlled at about eight hundred words. But i think that there is no need to cling to this provision, the content of the article to be fully expressed is enough, if the word is not enough, cobbled together, the user experience will be much lower.

I believe that many people have encountered these questions above, how do you think about these suggestions?


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