How to Make an Efficient Analysis of Keywords


There are five things you need to do before keywords SEO:

1. Check keyword index and related hot keywords.
2. Search keyword to see the results displayed pages.
3. Check the site types of the first few keyword search results pages.
4. Check the first page of the search results, is it home page, a channel page or detail page?
5. The strength of rival companies and SEO optimization capabilities.

What I’m gonna say today is about how to do keyword content. Most people said that their keywords have no problem, and trying to expand the classification deployed to a site architecture, and the promotion quality of outside the website is good, why do keywords can not rank up? If you have the same situation, how about doing like this “surround the cities from the countryside”. Get ranking and page click through long tail keywords, reverse transfer weight to enhance the core keyword ranking. At this time a lot of people will say that the long tail keyword ranking even worse, even can not achieve results. Generally there are two reasons, the content of the page is well within the recommended station (within the link construction and weights page application), as another reason is the today’s topic: do keywords content what search engine and some users desire.

Now we are talking about the user experience, content is king. Do valuable and high-quality original content for users, I want to ask how many people can accomplish this so simple thing, as for me, it is very difficult. Pseudo-original has no market? Not at all, the key is to find the entry point and integrated approach.


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