How to Avoid Being Penalized by Google

google penalty

No body likes everywhere was filled with the same thing, just like Google and other search engines don’t like the same content which is called duplicate content. Most of the SEOer know that once your site was crawled by Google SEO bot and result with duplicate content, your site will experience a disaster that penalized by Google.

DuplicateSniper is a powerful SEO bot, which will check and tells you whether your content is safe enough or not to publish on the internet. This great SEO bot also can find whether someone is copying and using your content. What you should do is easy, just paste your content into this program, then click run.

DuplicateSniper has four main features: 1. Basic Search  2. Deep Check  3. Check Url  4. Bulk Check. All of these could ensure that you walk a long way in Search Engine Optimization.


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