SEO bot makes article writing more efficient



What is article spinner?
Article spinner is a kind of program which can rewrite one existing article and generate an new article, it can also rewrite words, sentence and paragraph. This SEO bot use the natural language analysis and artificial intelligence techniques to understand words, sentence, paragraph and articles. It also uses statistical replacement technology, part-of-speech analysis and emulated natural language methods. Article spinner has some advance function like auto-grammar fix, which can correct “a orange” to “an orange”.

Why we use this SEO bot?
As an SEOer, we need to write hundreds of new articles, which is really a hard work. People’s imagination is limit, if the imagination is no limit, then the time is limit. Time is money, so we should perish every minutes to do the useful thing, making the our work efficient. This SEO bot is the one that could help us improve our efficiency, so it is a good assisstant.
Sometimes we could just rely on this SEO bot, after all it is a robot. We should think more than SEO bot, it can help us, but the most important things should be done by human. Have a good time in article writing.


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