The benefits of creating forum links

Webmasters all know the status of the site optimization backlink, the quantity and quality of backlinks plays a decisive role for website weight. We usually choose the backlinks platform include: blog, forums, industry information network, classified information network, Google products and so on. Today i want to talk about the high quality forum backlinks, why i emphasize it is high-quality forum? Because a lot of people firstly impressed with “garbage backlinks” when mentioned the forum backlinks, which kind of backlinks is not good for website optimization, but if we can do forum backlinks well, then the benefits of these backlinks bring to the site optimization is really huge. So what can “good” forum backlinks bring to the website?


1. High Weight
Different forum posts with different quality, the weight is different. In numerous forum posts there are not so many high weight posts, but if it is a popular post, the page weight of the post may even higher than one website.

2. Fast Included
On some relatively high active forum, there are thousands of threads posted on the forum, such the update frequency is likely to attract the Google spider, which crawls to the forum will be more frequent, and some forum posts even can be included in seconds.

3. High Traffic
A relatively high popularity forum will be visited by a lot of people everyday. Every time when we posted on the forum, we can check it with Google statistical tools, which attract a lot of traffic in short time. Although the time is short, but among the traffic may have your customers, with customer the profitability is not far away.

There is a very obvious advantage of forum backlinks, which is convenient and easy to operate. Although you can not directly publish information in high-quality forums, but when we apply the account to a certain series, then we can publish information. This information can be included with great chance, so do forum backlinks well is still a lot of benefits.


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