Are you optimizers still confused yet?

ODVA Optimization of Process Integration

Optimization itself has no the so-called versatile method, the optimization methods may vary in different keywords of different industries. We may optimize the different keywords with different time cycle. At this time people are lost, why my keywords can rank 1st page before, but can not now? In fact, do not complain, at this time you should be objective about yourself. Let yourself experience more, more experience you have, more keywords you optimize, you may summarize your own optimization ideas for different industries. No matter how long this idea could work, after all you experienced this. As we go to a place, have a destination, we may choose the variety of methods forward, if no mind and goals, then, however to go, you still don’t know where is the destination.

SEO is not as difficult as you think, your experience determines your strength. Value must be reflected through experience, even in a vice industry, a very little popular word you may not see before, you will spend a long time to obtain results, sometimes we can not simply think that a low index word is easy, a high index word is difficult, most time it is relative. You may think it is easy when you experienced, really difficult when you didn’t experience but others may think that is very simple.


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