Analysis of the basis algorithm on website ranking

We all SEOers want that our sites can have a good ranking, but the ranking is uncertain, but is not easy to handle, how to get a better ranking? In fact, site ranking is closely related to something.

First, the site creation time and domain age.
The time length of the website exists in the search engine, it is indeed very important factors that affects the ranking. It is mainly manifested that many good quality sites almost don’t need to update anything, but we observe that the ranking still stand stable. But we can not exaggerated the elements, as long as building websites for a long time, large domain age will be able to get good rankings. Obviously Search Engine will not give any chance to junk sites.

Second, the content consistent with the theme.
The search engine spiders mainly crawl webs through url address. Many times we published content according to our own analysis of the user to provide a different value of the article, but whether these are really what user demands. To some extent spiders will help Search Engine analyze whether crawled content matches user needs, through analysis of the address, the user’s click-through rate, dwell time, opening the page can provide a good judge basis for Search Engine. It is clear whether the quality article is the customer really needs.

Third, rationality and fluency of the link.
We know that link is very important detail that impact site ranking, but many owners desperate to make links, which leads to Search Engine check more about link rationality. For example, the original content may not need links or one link is enough, but the owners have to impose some links. The purpose is obvious, mainly to enhance the keyword visibility, influence ranking, but unreasonable act completely can be attributed to cheating. So we must pay more attention to the rationality of links, we have to think twice when making every links layout. Fluency mainly presented on link visit, websites may be revised many times with time went by, which will cause large amounts of dead links, apparently spider crawl can be affected.

Fourth, theory of search engines vote.
The effect of backlink has been weaken in optimization, more backlinks can not benefit much in ranking now. In fact, we must know that more highly relevant external links, better the ranking will be. The relevance and quality of link is an important basis to vote for site. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the link vote, reasonable inner links, high-quality and relevant backlinks is what we should do. Voting is not only between pages and pages, user acceptance of the page itself is a vote for the site, this support to webpage will be more and more important. User experience is the key to judge webpage, which is still the main theme of present optimization.


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