6 Methods to Detect Whether the Site Was Penalized by Search Engines

After the site has been penalized by search engines, there is not significant changes in the early period, if the owners can not find at this time, or just follow the illegal way, then perhaps your site will be killed by search engine directly. If this time the owners promptly improve, then not only will not be killed in the later period, on the contrary your sites will get more friendliness from the search engine, because you fully comply with the rules of the search engines.

Search engine penalties are not easy to detect. Some sites keyword ranking drop, traffic drop, it is because that they were penalized or because of changes in search engine algorithms? Or new competitors to join in? Or existing competitors enhance SEO? Or because of external links weight decreases? It is really hard to distinguish these circumstances.

First. site: domain order
Use the site: domain order, you can see the total pages indexed by the search engine site, if you use this order to find that on pages were included, then your website has been severely penalized, leading to the site was killed by search engines.

Second: Search Site Name
Search the name of your site in search engine box, if your official website do not show in the first place, then it means that your website has been penalized by search engine. Of course, this name to say is not the ones that you named casually like the very broad name, such as: Internet, mobile phone network, jokes net, games network etc. But the truly unique site name or company name, such as “Webmaster Forum 451”, “451 network owners.”

Three: Site Tool
Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing both provide Webmaster Tools. We recommend that all of you to register accounts of these Webmaster Tools, verify your sites. These network tools will provide very useful information to help website owners determine if there are problems. Especially Google Webmaster Tools, also notify whether the site is cheating, viruses and so on.

Four: search unique words on sites
It is the same as search site names, search some specific text only on your site, such as a phone number, email address, record number, contact address, if rank in the first is not from your site, your site is in some kind of penalty.

Five: comprehensive tracking keyword ranking
If all or most of the site keywords ranking have a significant decline in overall ranking of keywords, it may indicate that the site be penalized. I emphasized that the “comprehensive” record track keyword rankings. Some part of the site keyword ranking often dropped, but the other keyword ranking up or keep the same, which generally are not being penalized. Especially some large sites, different keywords often drop and down, part of keywords disappear today, another part of keywords rise tomorrow, it is normal. Only when all or most of the keyword ranking dropped, it means your site has been penalized.

Six: Check the log
Check the visiting times and frequency of search engine spiders, whether there is change. If the visiting times of the search engine spiders dropped significantly, while the site itself regularly update and obey the rules, indicating that the search engines do not like this site, it’s likely some kind of penalty.


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