Why You Always Can Not Get Higher Web Rank?

Nowadays more and more people are running websites, so competition pressure is increasing. Many of my friends do website ranking for a long time has been stagnant, so that over time they will certainly have no patience to run website anymore. This is a taboo to run site, in fact, as long as take efforts to adhere to it, maybe rankings will go up tomorrow, isn’t it? Website ranking factors is related to the inner site and external site.

Now I will make a explanation why you can not get higher ranking.

1. Everyone should know that Google has a study period to the new site, when in the study period of this site, there is not any traffic. So if you want to do SEO well, you must have to learn to persevere in your efforts, which is the base of a website success.

2. The site has been investigated for longer period of time, but there is still not rank. At this time we should find the reason from the site itself. Whether there is no high quality articles within the site, too less original content. If your site is just to copy someone else’s articles, even did not make pseudo-original, then your website will definitely not be recognized by search engines.

3. Whether there are too less information articles. Even if all your site articles is high-quality, but just a few articles there, but your competitors have more articles than your site and better quality articles. Which sites do you think will be listed on the front of the search engine result pages. It is easy to understand, your competitors be standing in the front of your site.

4. The site layout is reasonable. For example, if your house is in a mess, everything is on the ground anywhere, do your friends will come to your home and have a good emotion to play? The answer is certainly not, which is the same thing with site layout, you have to let website visitors at the first sight to know what is your site for. Everything needs to be clear, only if your site visitors have the interest to continue the viewing. And ultimately to achieve the effect you want. So this is why we always say “user experience is the most important part.”

5. The outside website is almost backlinks, although many people say that backlinks is not important anymore. Anyway, many people said this long time ago, I have always firmly believed that link building is better than not. Believe it or not it depends on your opinion, which is the so-called benevolent people see benevolence and the wise people see the wisdom.


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